Community Communication Networks

Website Foundation and Design

We need a foundation established…

Community Communication Networks came to DSC Web & Business for a website foundation they could work from. They had experience editing WordPress websites but needed a starting point and someone to get the ball rolling with design. We were happy to work with them on this small project within their strict time frame to provide a foundation with all their required functionality and a home page to match.


Community Communication Networks needed a Home Page that suited their unique mission of providing smart, reliable and affordable Fibre Networks to property developments. Working closely with their branding we created a home page that highlighted their mission and called customers to action.  


The property game is busy and always moving. Community Communication Networks needed a website that could be used in the palm of their customers hands. Using the popular Divi WordPress theme, an easy to use mobile optimised website was created allowing potential customers to easily see who CCN are and why they should use them and how easy it was to register for more information.

Custom Work

We don’t just create full websites, we are developers first. At DSC Web & Business we work with what our customers need, sometimes it’s a new website, sometimes it’s a plugin somtimes it’s simply a home page and a foundation to build upon. 

Need a small job done? Give us a call, we’d love to chat.