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We are Experienced, Local and

With over 20 years experience in IT…

We are a unique business, offering Web Development, Website Hosting services, and IT Consulting/Support.

We Develop and Fix things.

While DSC was founded in 2011, our work in IT started a long time before that. DSC Web & Business created a reputation for building reliable, trusted Websites and Custom Web Applications. DSC was established with a unique personal, generous and friendly approach to an often unapproachable IT world.

Chris has gained a diverse set of IT and Web Development skills over the past 24 years and loves assisting others to gain the most from their technology.

At DSC we have a big heart for Not-for-Profit organisations. Whether you’re a charity, Church or sporting group, ask us how we can help you serve our local community better.

Web Design


Tech Services

Web Design and Tech Services?

We at DSC Web & Business want businesses to thrive through the holistic use of technology. So we like to partner with businesses to take care of their Web Development needs alongside their local IT infrastructure needs. Having this holistic approach enables a unique birds eye view to fix and implement effective changes business wide for the betterment of the business. We want to partner with you and help you utilise online and local technologies, as we see these are better together than apart.

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